Puppies Doused With Bleach Doing Better

Today was a good day for three 6-week old puppies that were doused with bleach by a young Fond du Lac boy. Animal Shelter Manager Renee Webb says the puppies received an injection Sunday night to help them breathe. They suffered chemical burns to the face and eyes, but fumes from the bleach cause ulcers in the mouth and throat and inflammation of the lungs. She says it will take about five days for the puppies in their fight to survive while antibiotics do their work. She says this morning they were active and hungry. She says it’s a good indication that they were hungry. However they did order some feeding tubes in case it becomes to painful for the puppies to eat so they can continue to feed them until the antibiotics take effect. Charges are being brought against the boy and his mother who allegedly was aware of what happened but didn’t do anything about it. Meanwhile the Fond du Lac Humane Society is in need of canned puppy chow and powdered milk replacer to help them in their struggle. Fond du Lac Humane Society photos.