Puppies Returned After Abuse by 5-Year Old

A handful of puppies have been returned to their owners after Oshkosh Police launched an investigation into possible abuse. A resident had taken a video of a 5-year old girl mistreating the animals – and it quickly spread on Facebook. 

Since the incident, people on social media have made threats against the family, the girl, and even the man who took the video. The man who posted the video has come out saying the backlash against the 5-year old girl is inappropriate. 

Police are working with the girl’s family to provide resources to ensure that similar behavior does not happen again. Her family does not own the puppies, which were returned to their owners in the Milwaukee area. Seven of the puppies were taken to veterinarians, and no physical injuries were found. All of the animals observed by police and the humane society also seemed to be healthy.