Rabies Survivor Can’t Dodge The Disease

A Fond du Lac woman says she just can’t seem to get away from rabies. Jeanna Giese survived rabies when she was 15-years-old in 2004 thanks to an induced coma and chemical cocktail. She was bitten by a bat when she picked it up at a church service and took it outside. Now her Siberian Huskies Asher and Shai are being quarantined at home after killing a bat in their pen. The bat tested positives for rabies. She says she didn’t need to worry because the dogs got rabies vaccinations when they were puppies and booster shots after the incident. She says people need to supervise their animals and she’s glad she checked on the dogs. Jeanna says most people will never have a brush with rabies and it’s happened to her twice in the same decade. The two dogs will be quarantined for 60 days.