Rail Safety Week in Wisconsin Continues

The Wisconsin State Patrol is partnering with local law
enforcement agencies across the state today to ensure safety around railroad
crossings. This week is Rail Safety Week in Wisconsin, and the enforcement
campaign known as “Operation Clear Track” is in its third year. Law enforcement
will be targeting railroad crossings with higher levels of car and train
traffic, watching for people trespassing on railroad property and for drivers
who disobey railroad crossing signs and signals. Wisconsin has more than 3,300
miles of active train tracks and more than 4,000 public railroad crossings. Fond
du Lac County has 130 railroad crossings in total, between both public and
private crossings, while nearby Dodge County has 227 crossings and Winnebago
County has 190. Last year in Wisconsin, there were 39 train-related crashes
that resulted in 12 injuries and 12 deaths. In addition, three fatalities and
three injuries resulted from people trespassing on railroad property. 

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