Ready Wisconsin On Preparing For Winter Snowstorm

(MADISON) –  A winter storm is expected to affect most of southern Wisconsin starting Saturday afternoon and continuing through early Monday morning. The National Weather Service is forecasting light to moderate rates of snowfall with total accumulations of up to nine inches for southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee, with lesser amounts to the north. Winds at 10 to 15 mph will create some blowing and drifting snow.


ReadyWisconsin is warning people about the upcoming storm and precautions you and your family should take to keep safe.


If you must travel allow plenty of extra time for your trip. Also keep at least a half tank of gas in your vehicle and inform friends and family of your travel plans and approximate arrival time.

Check the roads before you travel. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation advises travelers check road conditions before leaving home by calling 5-1-1 or visiting

Have an emergency winter weather survival kit in your vehicle. Your kit should include water, snack food such as energy bars or raisins, blankets, first aid kit and booster cables. If you have a cell phone make sure you have a power adapter you can plug into the lighter. You can find more kit tips at ReadyWisconsin:

Get supplies for your home. Make sure your home emergency kit is stocked with food that can be stored and prepared without electricity. For a complete list of kit items go to ReadyWisconsin at

If you have a local cancellation or delay send it to [email protected]