Recent Rains Force Wastewater Diversion In FDL

Multiple rounds of heavy rain last week forced the City of Fond du Lac Department of Public Works to divert wastewater into nearby storm sewers at six locations. City of Fond du Lac Director of Public Works Jordan Skiff released that news Monday, saying the diverted wastewater was sent into nearby creeks, rivers and storm ponds. Skiff also said it’s important to note that, “while this wastewater is untreated, it is so heavily diluted that it does not pose a threat to public health.”  The bypassing occurred between 4:00 pm and 6:30 am Friday, July 10. 

Skiff said City staff also monitored complaints of standing water in streets and residential yards and monitored the water levels of the Fond du Lac River and other area bodies of water. He said the storm sewer system wasn’t designed to handle storms this extreme, and residents are encouraged to notify Public Works if a storm drain appears to be obstructed.

Residents are also encouraged to Adopt a Storm Drain near their home, school, or workplace to protect water quality and keep the storm drains clear of debris. The City is also required to report the diversions to the area DNR engineer, as required by the City’s wastewater permit.