Recycling Old Holiday Decorations

Wondering what to do with your broken, tangled strings of lights?  Did you switch to LED lights this year? There are several places you can take those lights you no longer need. Some even pay a small amount per pound of wire.

The following businesses in Fond du Lac accept strings for proper disposal if the bulbs are removed, especially older, thumb-sized bulbs:

American Auto Iron & Metal, W6811 County Trunk OOO (923-6602)

Marcoe’s, 232 Morris Circle near Pioneer (929-8666)

Packer Street Recycling, 239 Packer St. north of Johnson (921-3118)

            One business and two non-profit organizations take strings with bulbs still attached:

Sadoff Iron & Metal, 240 W Arndt (921-2070)

Goodwill, 904 S. Main St. (923-5246)

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 150 S. Brooke (921-6623)

            In Waupun, Aronson’s (324-2209) accepts strings without bulbs, and Ironman Metals (210-7000) accepts all strings. In Oshkosh, Lowe’s (232-7423) recycles them as well.