Registration Reminders Ahead of the Midterm Election

Hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots are already in
ahead of the midterm election – and many other people are planning to head to
the polls on Tuesday. For those who haven’t cast a ballot in a while, County
Clerk Lisa Freiberg reminds voters to double check whether you are actually

She says “it’s a good thing to
know if you are registered. If you’ve been voting consistently in your polling
location for the past four years, you most likely will be registered and
nothing has changed. Otherwise if you do need to register on Election Day,
which you are allowed to do in the state of Wisconsin – make sure you provide some type
of proof of residency.”

Freiberg also tells voters to remember everything they need
before heading to the polls. 

She says “polls do open next
Tuesday starting at 7:00am until 8:00pm at night. If you are in line at 8:00pm,
you will be able to cast a ballot. Once again, at the polling location you must
provide a picture ID. You can go and check ahead of time at MyVote, the online
voting system.”

If you are not registered – or are not sure whether you are registered, click here to learn more.