Remediation Of Quic Frez Site First Before Redevelopment

The City of Fond du Lac has plans to make the former Quic-Frez site near the Fond du Lac River into a park. Officials believe the site near the corner of Western Avenue and Oak Street has a lot of potential. But first remediation of the site has to be completed. At one time what was called the “lasagna” method of passing electric current into the ground was used to try and clean the soil underneath. That effort didn’t work as well as the City hoped. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says a new method involving the growth of special trees is being used now. The trees draw up contamination through the soil and dispel it through the air. After about 20 years the trees will be harvested and the cleaned site can be used again for another purpose. The Landscape Master Plan for the Fond du Lac Bike Loop includes plans for a new park on the former Quic-Frez site.