Rep. Thiesfeldt Pleased with Governor’s Focus on Ag, Rural Issues

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt is one of the many
lawmakers from both sides of the aisle that say they are pleased about Governor
Tony Evers’ call for action on farming and rural issues during his State of the
State address last month. Evers called for a special session of the legislature
to act on a special package of proposals that would assist rural Wisconsin, at
an estimated cost of $8.5 million over two years.

Theisfeldt tells us that its good to hear the Governor
talking about farms and rural issues, because there hasn’t been much focus on
that so far in his time in office. He adds that it’s important to remember how
much impact agriculture has on the state’s economy. “It’s not just the farms –
all of the different businesses and industries out there that are
interconnected with farming – it really just multiplies out the impact that
dairy has on this state,” he said.

Governor Evers had called for the special session to be
held last Tuesday, but Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said last week the bills will
be referred to committee and hearings will be held before they are brought to
the floor.