Rep Thiesfeldt Recommends Letters Be Written To Judge Deciding Hwy 23 Fate

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt says he and State Senator Dan Feyen are well aware of area residents desire to see State Highway 23 between Fond du Lac and Plymouth expanded to a four-lane highway. He says every time there is a major accident they get contacted. He says following two serious accidents on the highway area legislators wrote a letter to a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, which holds the fate for funding the project. He says the two accidents were emblematic of the types of accidents we continuously see on Highway 23. He says the average is an accident every 8 days on the highway although not every accident is as serious. Thiesfeldt says they are constantly reminded of the need for the expansion. He says this is the most popular topic coming into their offices, particularly if there is a serious accident. He says they are doing every thing they can. He says you can get the judges’ address from the letter on his website if you would like to write your own. (Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue photo)

Letter to Judge