Report Regarding City Detective Released To Public

The on-going investigation into City of Fond du Lac Detective William Ledger shows a concern in a number of areas, issued from the Outagamie County Assistant District, regarding equipment theft and racial bias.

That information was released by Fond du City Attorney Deb Hoffmann, in an email sent to KFIZ News, and contained the review from ADA Randall Schneider. In the letter sent to a Special Agent at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Schneider states that he did not find enough evidence to file charges against Detective Ledger, but that he have concerns regarding a couple of past incidents.

1.) Poor judgement on Ledger’s part regarding gossip surrounding the handling of evidence by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department that was spread to a friend of Ledger’s, who was a defense attorney in a homicide case ongoing at the time.

2.) Improper disposal of evidence, which could be a potential theft violation. The incident in question involved a laptop that Ledger had seized during a search regarding a drug case. The laptop sat in the department for some time, until a Supervisor ordered Ledger to inventory it. Ledger chose instead to remove the hard drive and take the computer to a repair shop, where he informed the owner of the repair shop he could the computer for spare parts.

3.) Misuse of confidential police information, stemming from an incident where Detective Ledger was asked by his brother-in-law to run a license plate for a reason unrelated to law enforcement.

Randall concludes by saying that the information contained in Ledger’s work phone show disturbing texts and social media posts which demonstrate racial bias and should be reviewed by the administration.

Ledger has been on paid Administrative leave since last August.

You can download the documents here: