Reported Crime Down In City Of FDL In 2016

Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb delivered what he felt was good news about annual crime statistics to the City Council last week. Lamb says for the second straight year property crimes were down in the City. He says those crimes include things like burglary; theft, stolen cars, and arson. He says overall reported crimes were down by three percent. Lamb says while that may not sound like a lot, you have to remember that with every single crime there is a victim or victims. There were 1,077 reported crimes in 2016 in the City compared to 1,111 in 2015. He says violent crimes were also down last year with the exception of aggravated assaults. Lamb says forcible rapes dropped by 33 percent, robberies were about the same with 12, but there were 84 aggravated assaults with domestic assault and child abuse cases dominating those numbers. There were no homicides in the City in 2016.