Reporting Dead Birds a Part of Monitoring West Nile Virus

Local and
State health officials are sharing tips on how to protect yourself and your
family and pets from mosquito and tick bites during the summer season. The
State Department of Health Services launched the “Fight the Bite” campaign last
week to help spread the word about preventing bites, and to help stop the
spread of diseases like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease.

Last year,
33 human cases of West Nile Virus were reported in Wisconsin, and Fond du Lac
County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says one way they look for the
presence of West Nile is to test dead birds found in the county. She says there
is a number to call if you find a dead bird to report it to the county. “If you
find any Blue Jays, Ravens or Crows that are acting funny and they die or you
just find them dead, we would like to test those,” she said. “You can call the Health
Department at 929-3085, or you can call the Dead Bird Hotline specifically, at
1-800-433-1610.” Those species are of particular interest because they are
known to get sick and die from a West Nile Virus infection.

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