Representative Thiefeldt Talks About Nephews Beating

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt is lending his voice to the victim of a beating, his 15-year-old nephew. It happened in Fond du Lac last Saturday night. Thiesfeldt says normally he wouldn’t do something like that, but maybe it will help with public awareness. His nephew and a friend were bicycling home from a friend’s when they stopped to text their parents. That’s when a car stopped and two teens got out. One hit his nephew in the face a couple times and knocked him to the ground. The boy already had a broken arm from wrestling and Thiesfeldt says it made him an easy target. The boy was also kicked in his broken arm. His sister-in-law posted on social media about the incident. He says her family has already had a tough year with an older son passing away from Cystic Fibrosis last fall. Still given the family’s Christian upbringing they are ready to forgive what happened last weekend.