Representative Thiesfeldt Introduces School Accountability Legislation

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac introduced legislation that would establish an Academic Review Board that would review under performing schools. He says schools receiving any type of public subsidy would come under the jurisdiction of the academic review system. He says that would include public schools, charter schools and private schools in the school choice program. He says board would have 13 members with staggered four year terms. The State Schools Superintendent would chair the Academic Review Board and would be able to choose 6 members. The governor and heads of the State Senate and Assembly would choose the other six members. Thiesfeldt says review would be based on a school’s report card. Those finishing up a four-year improvement program would have to be re-evaluated to see if additional sanctions are needed. The State Schools Superintendent would have final say on whether the school exits the program or is turned into a charter school. Thiesfeldt chairs the Assembly’s Education Committee, which will have a hearing on the bill next week. He’s hoping the Assembly will pass it by the end of the month. He says the State Senate might create its own bill. He says there is a ways to go before the legislation becomes law.