Republicans Split On Overturning Mask Mandate

It’s still not clear,
whether Republicans in the Wisconsin
legislature will try to roll back Tony Evers’ mask mandate. Assembly Republican
Adam Neylon of Pewaukee hopes they will, and insists “it’s not about
masks, per se. 
I think it’s a
dangerous overreach of power, and if we aren’t able to overturn him now, what
will this lead to in the future.”

Democrat Greta Neubauer of Racine agrees there ought
to be limits on government power

“But doing what we can
to save the lives of our community members by enacting common sense public
health measures, is clearly within the role of government.”

While state Senate Majority
Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said he’s ready to roll on repeal, Assembly Speaker
Robin Vos doesn’t plan to challenge Evers’ order. Neylon and Neubauer were on
WISN’s “UpFront,” Sunday morning.