Reservations Due For Celebration Of Giving Dinner

The Fond du Lac Area Foundation will celebrate its humble beginnings a week from today at the South Hills Country Club with its annual “Celebration of Giving” dinner. It truly was a modest start with the Foundation giving out only $350 with its first grant part of an endowment from the sale of the Children’s Home. Joe Braun is the Foundation’s Director or Finance and Development. He says last year they gave out around $1 million in grants. They give out about $850,000 in grants every year and have given out more than $16 million in grants to the community over the past 42 years. Because of the vision of the Foundation’s founder Carl Tonjes the Foundation’s assets for their various endowments have continued to grow over the years. In 1993 the Foundation’s assets were $3 million and over they years those assets have grown to over $33 million.  By the way today is the deadline to make reservations for the annual dinner, which you can do by calling the Foundation at (920) 921-2215.