Retlaw In Receivership

A Fond du Lac County judge recently appointed a Milwaukee attorney the receiver over assets of the Retlaw Hotel or specifically North Main Hospitality. Judge Richard Nuss appointed Michael Polsky as receiver. Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore says the hotel will continue to host guests and events, that hasn’t changed. He says one positive thing that has occurred is that the company running the hotel for the receivership is making some needed improvements. He says that has included improvements to the fire suppression system, which he says is a good thing. Foreclosure might be the next step for the hotel. Moore says in the past few years there have been a handful of people who were interested in acquiring the hotel, but it’s his gut feeling they were scared off by what they would have faced dealing with the bank which holds the mortgage and the current owner. He says it’s important to the downtown that the hotel be successful no matter who the owner is.