Retlaw Liquor License Renewal Recommended Conditionally

A $25,000 payment on what the owners of the Retlaw Hotel owe the City of Fond du Lac spared them from nonrenewal of their liquor license yesterday. The City’s Alcohol Licensing Committee voted 4 to 1 to recommend to the City Council renewing North Main Hospitality’s liquor license conditional on them paying the over $39,000 they owe the City for back taxes and fees plus any interest and penalties by June 25th. Councilman Rob Vande Zande was the only committee member who voted against the nonrenewal recommendation. He says North Main Hospitality has had enough time to pay what it owes. Mike Cluff is the manager of the hotel. He says they will be able to pay the balance of what the City stipulated they owe by the deadline. City Manager Joe Moore says he hopes the hotel owners make good on their debt because the historical hotel means a lot to the City. The deadline for the balance of the stipulated amount owed the City comes due the day before the Council’s last June meeting and the last chance to renew the hotel’s liquor license before their old license expires.