Retlaw Liquor License Will Not Be Renewed Unless

The Fond du Lac City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night not to renew the Retlaw Plaza Hotel’s liquor license unless the owners of the historic hotel pay about $6,000 they owe the City in property taxes by the end of the month. City Manager Joe Moore told the Council North Main Hospitality had paid the City $55,000 of what it owed, but based on the shaky history they’ve had in paying previous bills he recommended not renewing the liquor license. At the end of the month the hotel will owe the City about $10,000 more for a water bill that will be processed. Council member Gary Miller joined the Council via phone for the meeting. He says the owners treated the City like a bunch of hicks when they ran into similar problems two years ago. Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan says she was disappointed because they had been working with the hotel’s owners and they were supposed to pay what they owed by last night’s Council meeting.