Reversal Of Sex Offender Placement Request Not A Done Deal Yet

A Milwaukee County judge today could make a decision on the placement of a violent sex offender who was supposed to be placed in the Town of Eldorado. That became less of a possibility when the state’s Department of Health Services submitted a letter to the court withdrawing their request for a supervised release plan to place 51-year-old Clinton Rhymes in Eldorado. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says the judge still has to make a decision. The DHS cited “matters outside our control” as the reason the placement is no longer viable. Toney says an ordinance recently passed by the Town Board and opposition at a meeting called by Sheriff Mick Fink got the attention of the DHS. He says it was a sign of community members banding together to say this isn’t right and then doing something about it. Toney says it’s hoped that local legislators like Senator Rick Gudex and State Representative Michael Schraa can craft legislation that will prevent other communities from having to go through what Eldorado has.