Review Of Evers’ Budget Continues

Lawmakers in Madison continue their review of Governor Tony Evers’ proposal for the next two-year state budget. State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldft tells KFIZ News that even though there’s a lot he doesn’t like about the 91-billion-dollar plan, there are some items he supports – including a proposed investment of $200 million for expanding rural broadband.   

Thiesfeldt says the pandemic has exposed a lot of areas where rural communities in the state are lacking in services.   

“And one of those in particular is how far behind they are in broadband. There are schools that haven’t been able to be in session because of the pandemic and then their school kids couldn’t be online like a lot of the urban kids could”  

Thiesfeldt says the proposed budget is heavy in policy – and a lot of those policy items will be stripped out as the Republican –controlled legislature works through it.