The discussion last night at the Fond du Lac City Council meeting was almost all about Lakeside Park. It was a room full of memories matching wits with a big picture, long term vision. 

You heard from Fond du Lac residents like Harvey Berman who moved here in 1965, and isn’t in favor of taking green space away from Lakeside Park. You also heard from people like Lorissa Clynard, who is new to Fond du Lac, but was in favor of the new plan presented for Lakeside Park. 

For the most part, the City Council was in agreement that progress was key. The devil was in the details. In the end, Council voted to scrap the plans to build a new pavilion, and instead renovate the existing structure, and use the extra funds allocated from the city, along with the over $4.5 million that’s been committed by at least 11 businesses so far, to add even more attractions to the park. 

The next steps include City Manager Joe Moore and his team coming back to the council with preliminary steps that would include refurbishing the Pavillion in time for Walleye Weekend 2021.