Ribbon Cutting Held for NFDL “Treffert Way” Charter School

The School District of North Fond du Lac held a ribbon
cutting for its new Charter School Tuesday night. The Treffert Way for the Exceptional
Mind is a school targeted toward diverse learners, and is built on the six-step
philosophy set forth by Dr. Darold Treffert, of Agnesian Health Care’s Treffert
Center, who has been studying autism and savant syndrome for more than 50

Superintendent Aaron Sadoff tells us the culture of the
school is very accepting – and focused on each student’s unique talent and way
of learning. Sadoff says the students, and parents have responded well to that type
of atmosphere. “These kids, when they come to a place where they are accepted,
and they feel they can really ‘hone in’ on that talent and don’t have to worry
about what they don’t do well, or get in trouble because they’re frustrated
with an area – they love it,” Sadoff said. “And their parents really realize
that – ‘you know what, I’ve really struggled to find a home for my child where
they feel that they’re accepted and their talents flourish’ – and that’s what
this is all about.”

The Treffert Way school currently serves Kindergarten
through 6th grade and is at maximum enrollment of 40 students. Sadoff
tells us that the goal is for the school to be able to build and move into its
own building in the future. The school currently operates in a portion of
Friendship Learning Center in North Fond du Lac.

Learn more about the school here