Ripon Crossing Guard Hit By Motorist


A school crossing guard in Ripon is back at home recuperating after being struck by a car near the middle school Tuesday morning. Police Captain Bill Wallner says her injuries weren’t as serious as they first believed. He says thankfully she did not suffer any major injuries and that’s very fortunate. She was taken to Ripon Medical Center and later transferred to Theda Clark Regional Medical Center. Wallner says she’s served as a crossing guard for them for more than a dozen years. He says she’s had some other close calls with traffic, but never been struck. Wallner says the 16-year-old high school student thought he was being waived through the intersection, but the guard was actually waiving children through. He says it’s one of several factors in the accident, but speed wasn’t one of them. He says the sun was also coming up with the driver facing it. The teen was cited for failing to yield to the crossing guard.

A crossing guard in Ripon was hit by a motorist Tuesday morning. Police say the crossing guard was taken to the Ripon Medical Center and later was transferred to Theda Clark Regional Medical Center. A 17-year-old Ripon resident hit the guard at the intersection of State Highway 44 and West Sullivan Drive. Police say due to the accident the crossing guard from the intersection of Griswold Street and Watson Street is being moved to cover at Metomen Street in front of the middle school. Police officers will monitor Griswold Street at Watson Street.