Ripon Home And Car Entries Likely Related

Ripon Police are looking for a man who entered a home on Howard Street early Monday morning and may also be responsible for taking items in cars on the south side of the City. Police Captain Bill Wallner says a homeowner was upstairs when he heard a commotion downstairs and went down to check it out. He found a man standing in his living room/dining room area. The man said he made a mistake and thought he was in his uncle’s home and left. He says the homeowner noticed after the man left that some change and other things were missing. Wallner says there were three or four car entries on the same street and around the corner from that home. Purses, electronics and other items were taken from the cars. He’s advising people to lock up their vehicles and make sure valuables are not placed in plain sight. He says it would appear the crimes are related. He says anyone who would like to report a similar crime or who has information should give them a call at (920) 748-2888.