Ripon K9 Gets Drug Bust On First Day

Ripon’s new police dog is already paying dividends for the City. K9 Rony is paired with Officer Tim Schroeder who has been with the department since August of 2007. He says Rony was raised in a kennel in the Czech Republic so everything is a new experience for him. He says TV and a squirrel were highly interesting for him. Last Friday he was sworn in just like a regular cop and the Common Council chambers were packed for the ceremony with people who donated for his purchase. Officer Schroeder says the majority of Rony’s time in the United States so far was spent in training in fact 12 of his 13 weeks. Just hours after Rony was sworn in last Friday he was used to search a shoplifting suspect’s car and found needles, drug paraphernalia and suspected heroin. Ripon Police Department photo.