Ripon Meth Lab Update

Ripon Police say a meth lab discovered in an outbuilding near the middle school was set up some time in the last week. Captain Bill Wallner says the property owner checks the property on a weekly basis and when chemical bottles and substances were discovered police were called. Wallner says there were products ready to be used and items to continue production. The rear of the property is the boundary for the northern property line of the school. Wallner says students weren’t at risk of breathing toxic fumes from the lab. He says the fumes wouldn’t have escaped and gone airborne into the parking lot or playground of the school. He says with the volatile substances used for making methamphetamine there was a risk of the lab catching fire. He says there also might have been people using the meth on the property adjacent to the school. Wallner says they would appreciate hearing from anyone that might have information about the lab.