Ripon Police Chief Lukoski Retiring

It’s been 43 years since Dave Lukoski joined the Ripon Police Department as a dispatcher in July of 1974. He worked his way up through the department and will retire as its chief on December 20th. He was named interim chief in May of 1987 and his been the department’s chief ever since. He says he has enjoyed the work, but particularly the people he has worked with over the years. That includes those in the department and law enforcement personnel throughout the county.  On his last day Captain Bill Wallner will take over as chief. Lukoski is pleased about that. The Ripon Police Commission has already approved Wallner’s promotion to chief. Lukoski originally hired Wallner. Lukoski says he has no immediate plans for his retirement. Last June Waupun Police Chief Dale Heeringa retired after 41 ½ years with that department.