Ripons Last Cookie Plant Closing

The last cookie plant in Ripon will be closing. That plant is now owned by Treehouse Foods. It remained open after ConAgra Foods closed the main plant, which employed 285 people. The remaining smaller factory will close in the final quarter this year. Ripon Mayor Gary Will says it is unfortunate news for the 60 workers who make sugar wafer cookies at the plant. He says last year when ConAgra Foods closed its warehouse in Ripon most of those employees found work elsewhere in the area. Recently Alliance Laundry Systems announced a $62.6 million expansion, which is expected to create 200 new jobs. As for being “Cookie Town U.S.A.”, Will says the City will always have that history. Treehouse had acquired the plant in Ripon earlier this year. Treehouse will also close a plant in California where 660 people work.

Treehouse Foods Press Release.