Riverside Elementary Becomes 5th School In District To Require Masking

Riverside Elementary was notified Thursday that the school will have masks required for 14 days because they have met the masking guideline of having at least one classroom at three different grade levels masking.

In an email exchange with KFIZ News, Nicole Noonan, District Coordinator of Communications for the FDL School District, told us “The COVID-19 active case data came in today and they were going to have classrooms at four grade levels needing to become mask required. The school notified staff and families that the entire school will be requiring masking for the next 14 days. The 14-day time period goes through December 22, 2021, which is the last day of school before winter break starts.”

Noonan also told KFIZ News that, with the addition of Riverside, there will be five elementary schools where the entire school is masking: Riverside, Lakeshore, Pier, Roberts and Rosenow. They are all at varying stages in their 14 day masking requirement timeframe. 

KFIZ News will have Dr. Jeffrey Fleig on the air Monday morning, during the “Fond du Lac Today” segment with host Braden Braun at 8 a.m.