Rough Railroad Crossings a Concern in FDL

Rough railroad crossings in the City of Fond du Lac have
caused concerns for drivers at a number of points around town. Public Works Director
Jordan Skiff was asked about the Canadian National Railroad’s maintenance plans
for those crossings at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting. He says the city
is going to work with the railroad to improve the crossings and the areas
around them the best they can to make conditions safer. “They’re responsible
for their tracks and then four-feet on either side,” Skiff said. “We will
definitely work on either side of that to improve the approach in general.”
Skiff added that “I know we have other concerns – Western Avenue is really bad –
there are many crossings that are bad, and unfortunately we are not in a
position to coerce the railroad to fix those.” The CN is scheduled to perform
maintenance on the Division Street crossing starting on Monday, and Skiff says
the railroad also plans on doing some work on the Military Road crossing while the
workers are in town.