Rumors Of Large “Payday” For Former Detective Unfounded

Despite claims of a huge “payday” for a former City of Fond du Lac Detective, the amount the City of Fond du Lac paid former Detective William Ledger is fairly small.

And the payout actually comes in the way of unused vacation benefits from 2021, along with a prorated portion of vacation benefits from 2022, based on the agreed upon resignation date of September 15, 2021.

The total payout due Ledger was in the amount of $20,831.40

The City also agreed to pay Ledger additional wages thru the month of October’s 2021 last pay period.

The information is contained in a document signed off by both the City of Fond du Lac and Ledger, titled “Resignation Agreement and Release of Claims.”

KFIZ News received a number of copies of the agreement, which was dated 9-15-2021. The City Attorney’s office also said the signed agreement was the only agreement signed between the City and former detective Ledger.

In the agreement, Ledger is said to have “indicated a desire to end his employment with City effective September 15, 2021, and hereby tenders his irrevocable, voluntary resignation.”

The agreement also states that “the City further agrees that said resignation is offered in lieu of termination for purpose of unemployment insurance. The City agrees to not contest any application by Ledger for unemployment insurance benefits and shall not appear at any hearing involving a request for unemployment insurance benefits, unless compelled to do so by subpoena or court order.”

The document also shows that Ledger agreed not to sue “or proceed in any manner…or consent to be a a complainant in any civil or criminal proceedings against the City.”

Those signing the agreement included Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore, City Attorney Deborah Hoffmann, former Detective Ledger, and his attorney, Chris MacGillis.

Ledger was a 27-year veteran with the department, and had faced a number of both work-related and off-duty incidents that cast a questionable shadow the past few years leading up to his resignation.