Sabish Teacher Recognized

Sarah Puddy, a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Sabish Middle School, was recently notified of her selection as the Wisconsin Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (WAFCS) New Achiever Award winner for 2017. 

Ms Puddy is being honored at the upcoming WAFCS Conference as a professional who shows potential for making great contributions to the field.  She is being recognized for creating a Facebook group for Family and Consumer Sciences teachers that started with a small group of college classmates in December of 2013 and, at last count, grew to over 7,776 members worldwide. The focus of the Facebook group was to share ideas, resources, and positive feedback for challenging situations.

In 2014, when she was exploring a more effective tool for organizing these shared resources, Sarah designed five websites with each website dedicated to the Foods, Sewing/Fashion/Housing, Teacher Resources, Child Development/Parenting, or Life Skills categories within this field. She has also assumed the responsibility of maintaining these websites.