Sadoff Confident in Future of Wisconsin Education

As another election cycle grows nearer, the topic of education is once again echoing in the halls of government buildings. Politicians debate the best way to approach the educating of young people, while educators look for new ways to deliver relevant material. 

North Fond du Lac Superintendent Aaron Sadoff argues that “there’s a lot to be proud about Wisconsin education – that whole Forward model? I really think we’re getting back to that. And I think that’s because we have people saying ‘you know what, we want better for our kids than what we had’ – you know that old American dream. And people thought that was dead, it isn’t. It’s not even close. We can do it.”

Sadoff has also met with state representatives in Washington about the future of Wisconsin education – saying “they really do care. That’s one thing I’ve learned because we visit them all and their staff. It’s just a matter of how can we figure out how to work together and quit fixing blame and start fixing problems.”