Sadoff on Superintendent of the Year Honors

North Fond du Lac Superintendent Aaron Sadoff is being
recognized as the Wisconsin Superintendent of the Year. The Wisconsin
Association of School District Administrators announced the honor late last
week. Sadoff points to the culture of the district as a big reason behind the

He tells us “what we think and what we do
matters, and in our district we’ve really taken and invested in people and
really focused on students and student learning and investing – trying to get
the best adults and most trained adults in front of those kids. And really
focusing on happiness – and happiness isn’t just about joy and Pollyanna, it’s
really where you feel like you have meaning, where you feel that what you do
and think matters.”

Sadoff has worked to build that culture – and says the award only affirms
his efforts. 

He says “our world’s pretty good.
There’s a lot more good going on than bad, and if we focus on strengths and
focus on that, we can do it. And being selected by my peers for this award
makes me feel reinforced that we’re on the right track.”

But when it comes down to it, Sadoff argues that the award isn’t all about him, saying “I’ve got a lot of great people
I work for that make me look good. I’ve learned in my life that the more people
you get to serve, the more you rely on what they do and how good they are. And
that’s something that I’m very aware of in that mindset in being able to know
that you can roll a lot faster if you invest in other people. If we look out
for each other, there’s a lot of people looking out for you.”

Sadoff will represent Wisconsin in the National Superintendent of the Year
Program, which will announce their award recipient at a conference in Los Angeles in February.