Sadoff Talks About Hate Related Violence

North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says recent debates over racism are based on incidents that aren’t the norm for society. He says while the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia was tragic it was also unusual. He says it isn’t something we should ignore. He says it is an issue we have to work through, but we also need to focus on the 95 percent of things that are going well. He says we should also focus on the opportunities we have made to create a less aggressive environment where people are getting along better than ever before regardless of the color of their skin, what gender they are, what sexual orientation. He says this is one of the reasons public education is so important. He says public schools are the place where everybody learns in the same area and we are put into situations where we are forced to make kids understand that people are inherently good. Sadoff says in this area we do pretty well, but we do have issues that we also need to work through.