Safe Driving in Work Zones

We’re well into another year of the dreaded orange cone season – as there is construction happening on several highways in Fond du Lac County. And while drivers often see the cones as a bit of a nuisance, the workers on the other side depend on them as a barrier for safety. 

County Highway Commissioner Tom Janke reminds drivers to be cautious in workzones, because there are people doing their jobs just feet away. Janke says “you’re working right next to traveling vehicles going at relatively high speeds. So it’s very important to know where these people are, slow down, pay attention, move over safely if you can. And give some distance, because any situation could happen and we’ve lost one employee over the years and we don’t want to see that ever again.”

Janke adds that drivers “need to prepare and understand – and we usually have message boards
and advanced notice, but even some of that can cue past that. It’s really come
to the point of, when you’re traveling, you need to pay attention at all times
because you just don’t know what situation you could be heading up against.”