Safe New Year Travels

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year this coming weekend.  As part of the New Year’s holiday, many of you will be going out and about to celebrate at New Year’s Eve parties. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying that glass of champagne or tipping back a few drinks with your friends and relatives, it is important that everyone be responsible when getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

As always, it is the goal of the sheriff’s office to ensure everyone makes it home safely at the end of the day.  Deputies will be continuing efforts towards crash reduction, which includes heavy traffic enforcement of speed violations, stop sign violations, inattentive driving, impaired driving and seatbelt violations. It is important that everyone play a part in safety on our highways as our deputies are not able to be in all places at all times.

We ask everyone to take the initiative to drive safely this holiday weekend. Remember that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tagline “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” is not just a saying, but rather the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office takes impaired driving very seriously. Those who do drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs will be arrested.  However, it is never our goal to make arrests.  We would rather gain compliance in advance so that arrests are not needed.  Please help us meet our goal by taking it upon yourself to utilize a designated driver or make other arrangements to protect not only your family, but all the families traveling on our highways this weekend and every day.

Happy New Year to everyone and again please drive safely!