Safety Reminders for College Students

Safety is a common point often made for students heading off to college. Whether it’s a big school or not, there are dangers around campus. Officer Erik Foster points out that a lot of safety issues can be resolved by just paying attention. 

Foster tells students to “make an effort to just be aware of what’s going on around you. Simple situational awareness. Don’t be so into college life that you’re not paying attention to your own personal safety. If you’re in a dorm, which most kids probably are their first year, make sure that the entrance to your residence hall or apartment remains locked at all times.”

Foster adds that walking at night can be an unnerving experience, so “stick to the routes where people are able to see you, you’re lit up –
you’re not off in dark alleys and things like that. I know that sounds cliché,
but that is where bad things tend to happen to college students. Whenever
possible, try to have a friend travel with you going class to class, especially
if you have night classes. Remember there’s always safety in numbers.”

If a student ever needs help, Foster also points out that it’s a good idea to know the roles of campus police or security. Although “each campus is a little bit different, know those numbers and how to
contact them and where to go for help if you do need it right away. Not just
911, but ‘hey I need to get somewhere safe right away,’ that’s what you should
be doing.”