Salvation Army Thrift Store Aims to Make Holidays Happier

The Salvation Army is looking to help people have a happier
holiday season – and they serve the community through the food pantry, warming
shelter, and even a local thrift store. Brenda Bertram manages the store, and
she tells us there is a great selection of inventory. 

She says “we
still have a gorgeous clothing section, our household section, books, records,
furniture – we have lots of furniture right now. So you can find just about
anything that you’re looking for at our thrift store.”

Bertram tells us the store is filled with holiday-related stuff this time of year. 
If you want to donate furniture, clothes, or other items to the thrift store this holiday season – they are taking just about anything, and it’s easy to make a donation. 

Bertram says “it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is come on up and go to the back service door – or the garage door – and knock or ring the bell and then an attendant will come out and help you bring it into the back of the store.”
When it comes to things they will not accept, the list is pretty short. But Bertram says it’s important to know what they are unable to bring in. 

She tells us “we take most electric items – we don’t take televisions, we don’t take computer towers, we don’t take mattresses either or box springs, paint, common sense things that we would have to pay to recycle. We take just about everything – furniture needs to be in good condition though, so no rips, tears, stains.”

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is located along West Pioneer Road.