Saputo Cheese Makes Closing Of FDL Facility Official

The state’s Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has issued a Closing and Mass Layoff notice for Saputo Cheese in Fond du Lac. Two months ago company officials announced they would be closing the plant, which will be done by June 1st. That’s expected to affect 120 employees, 102 union employees and 18 not represented by a union. Layoffs are expected to begin within 14 days of March 31st, either before or after. A transition plan will be developed to help the company and affected employees. Company officials informed the DWD that the plant is being closed due to the age of the facility and the money that would have to be invested in the Fond du Lac facility in the future. Last November company officials estimated they would save about $5.5 million a year by moving operations to a newly-built blue cheese factory in Almena, in western Wisconsin. The Montreal based company said closing the plant would cost it $17 million, but it would begin realizing savings in its 2019 fiscal year.