Saturday is “Lemonade Day” Across FDL County

Over 60 lemonade stands will be popping up across the county tomorrow as part of the annual Lemonade Day put on by Envision Greater Fond du Lac. Sarah Dowidat from Envision tells us the day is meant to be much more for kids than just having fun and making some money. “Lemonade Day teaches entrepreneurial skills, so this is helping kids understand what its like to start, own and operate their own business, through the tool of a lemonade stand,” Dowidat says. Kids involved with this year’s event are already learning a lot of those skills, and the knowledge needed to run a successful business, according to Dowidat. “These kids are learning real life lessons,” she said. “The kids told us – we learned that it’s not important to just go blow money because we have it and we earned it, we learned that it’s important to save, we learned what it’s like to pay back a loan and some of the things that you have to plan for to get a loan.”


270 students took part in Lemonade Day in 2018, which equaled 75 stands around the Fond du Lac area. This year, lemonade stands will be set up across the county from 10 until 2 on Saturday. Find a map of stand locations here.