Saved Jeff’s Story

Spending the upcoming holidays with his family and going to work are two things 48-year-old Jeff Lorenz of Watertown will not take for granted. While working at a construction site in Fond du Lac this past August he suffered a major heart attack. Jeff had no pulse and was not breathing. His construction foreman Scott Buehlman had CPR training and began it right away. Paramedics arrived and revived him. They took him to St. Agnes Hospital where he would spend the next 11 days in ICU. It was a long road to recovery, but Friday Jeff and his wife Susan returned to Fond du Lac to thank the ambulance and fire crew that had a role in saving his life. He told them words would not do justice to how grateful he was. Susan Lorenz told the firefighters when they saved Jeff’s life, they saved hers too. The couple has three children, 30-year-old Samantha and 21-year-old twins Savanah and Serna. The twins are seniors at UW-Oshkosh. The CPR Scott Buehlman performed on Jeff he learned at work. Jeff returns to work Thursday. He says it is something he is really looking forward to.

The ambulance crew: Lieutenant John Hicken and Firefighter/Paramedic Sam Tennessen.

The engine crew: Lieutenant Ben Stephany, Engineer Rick Gerritson and Firefighter/Paramedic Taylor Huenink. 

Jeff Lorenz with firefighters who saved his life.