Scam Call Being Used To Educate

A Fond du Lac woman’s response to a phone scam is being used to educate people about how to handle those pesky calls. A member of the Seniors and Law Enforcement Together or SALT group caught the conversation on voicemail. The caller told the woman named “Donna” he was calling from Windows about malware that had infected her computer. When she challenged him he got defensive. She asked him what kind of computer she has and he said you use a Windows computer, “Now don’t ask me these silly questions.” She wanted to know who he was working for and he gave her a fake name. He said he was “Andrew Smith” and worked for Windows. The scam was an effort to get her to download malware that would allow the caller to gain access to personal and financial information on her computer. But she wouldn’t turn on her computer and the caller got belligerent before she hung up on him, saying he wasn’t there to listen to her. The scam was a recent one that is generated oversees and is not legitimately connected to Windows or Microsoft. Hear the call