Schimel Points to Law Enforcement Support, Nonpartisan Approach in Reelection Bid

Attorney General Brad Schimel is running for re-election in tomorrow’s midterm against Democratic challenger Josh Kaul. Schimel spoke with us last week – and tells voters to look past the political ads. 

Schimel points out that “every single sheriff in Wisconsin who is endorsing in this race is supporting me. And that’s from both parties, Democrats and Republicans. So don’t buy the ads that say I’m a hyper-partisan or I’m evil or whatever – there are no horns coming out of my head. Law enforcement has been working with me for 29 years in Wisconsin and they know that I have their back, and that’s where they have mine.”

When asked about the differences between him and his opponent, Schimel told us to look at
what he has done while in office- versus the claims of his opponent. 

He says “in terms of my opponent – ask yourselves as voters if he’s ever offered
any plans on how he would do anything different. He just criticizes me with
empty talking-point kinds of criticisms. What we’ve done with our drug take
back efforts, with our Dose of Reality awareness campaign – that now five other
states are using – we’re leading the nation on our work on the drug epidemic.”

Schimel adds that he may technically be a Republican, but that doesn’t matter in his position. He says “all this talk about partisanship is nonsense. I represent the legislature, the governor, and the laws they pass. If in this election, Wisconsin’s government changes and we have a Democrat governor and Democrat legislature writing the laws, I’ll defend their laws. Even though they’ll probably write a lot of laws that I don’t like personally as a Republican, that’s not my job. I’m a lawyer and a prosecutor.”