School and Parking Lot Safety

The end of summer and start of the school year is just about here – and there are a lot of things for students and parents to think about. Most people are thinking about classes, friends, or school-related activities, but high school Resource Officer Kieran Weed says it’s important for him to make a connection with students and staff because they’re all packed together for a large part of the year. 

Weed says “it’s like a small city up there. You’ve got just about two-thousand kids enrolled with about 280-some staff all in the same building for eight hours a day, so obviously there’s plenty of action going on. Some days more than others, but we stay busy. And I hope that people know a lot of that is more of just sitting down and socializing with the kids.”

Weed also reminds student and parent drivers going into the parking lots to pay attention and “be vigilant, you know there’s a lot of people walking and biking to our
high school. It’s probably about that 7:00am-7:45am time in the morning and then
about 3:25pm until 3:45pm at night. You know, just keep your head on a swivel.”

He points out that teenagers can be careful
drivers – but there are always a few reckless individuals racing around town,
and the parking lots at school. Weed says kids in the second group need to remember that “with reckless driving or continued parking violations, we actually can
pull the student’s parking pass which allows them to park on the high school
property. And we will pull that for a semester or an entire year so then they
have to park down Scott Street or wherever they can find a spot – get a ride or
dropped off – so inconvenienced, but that is for people that don’t feel like
they need to follow the rules.”