School Board Approves Budget, Levy Decreases 6.9%

The Fond du Lac School Board met Monday afternoon, and approved the 2021/2022 District Budget. Michael Gerlach, Director of Business Services for the school district, told the board the budget shows a sizeable decrease in the tax levy.

“Really what you’re taking a look at is we are seeing a pretty significant decrease, 6.9%, in the levy year over year.”

Gerlach said there is no new money to be spent. “There aren’t new monies to spend as you know. When the state aid goes up, the pressure or what is required on the local property tax levy goes down without a corresponding increase in the revenue limit, and vice versa.”

Residents will also see a decline in the mill rate. “We’re seeing a decline from last year of $8.36 per thousand dollars of value to $7.34.”

The approved tax levy for the 2021/2022 school year is just over $31 million dollars.