Scott Powell on the Job for Envision Greater FDL

Scott Powell, the Vice President of Economic Development with Envision Greater
Fond du Lac began his new role with the organization earlier this month. Powell
most recently served as the Economic Development Program Manager for the City
of Tempe, Arizona. Cecilia Harry, President and CEO of Envision says when it came
down to hiring for the position, she wanted not only someone with good
communication and relationship-building skills, but also someone with a certain
skill set. “We were looking for some specific items related to economic development, experience of
course, but someone also really comfortable with numbers and metrics. It’s
going to be really important for us to measure our progress going forward and
be able to communicate to the communities that we’re making a difference in
terms of business climate and the economic base of the community.” Harry said.  From Powell’s perspective, having options and
choices are key to attracting workers and companies to the area. “Any company, whether
it is looking to expand, any company that has multiple locations, they weigh
each community against each other of where they’re going to choose to put their
next investment.” Powell said. “We’re not competing locally or regionally for investments,
we’re competing globally. So we have to be able to lie out why this is the best
place to do business and why this is the best place to attract talent.” Powell
says some examples of those options and choices include education, availability
of locally-owned businesses and interesting things to do. Powell began working
with Envision on March 5th